January 01, 2006


I actually started writing this particular post yesterday morning...but it was a very different post...more tongue and check and flowing with sarcasm ( my natural reaction to bad experiences)...but since a day has passed-I am now writing it as the situation seems to me now.
In need of a solution.

It all started on Friday night, when someone banged on my apartment door at 12:30...I was pretty much in bed at this point so it took a second pounding to realize it was, infact, on my door...when I got to the door I realized it was two cops outside:
Cop: Ma'mam, I am Officer ____, and there has been a noise complaint filed here.
Me: On ME?!
( I was seriously shocked...since I had arrived home only an hour before and had spend that hour getting ready for bed and doing my aptly named "quiet time".)
Other Cop: Yes, is this your apartment?
Me: Yes! And I am all by myself! ( this wasnt entirely true, Amy was spending the night-but anyone that knows her knows that she doesnt count for any noise at all) So, there has really been NO noise!
Cop: Have you been rolling around a bowling ball or jumping off of things?
Me: HAHAHA! NO! I was in BED....


I was in total shock once our conversation was over...because I KNEW it was my Evil Neighbors downstairs who had called the police...especially, since I went to my bedroom window and listened as Evil Neighbor talked to the police, angry that they hadnt done more to me....
I didnt get the whole conversation but this is what I got...

Cop: Well, ma'mam we could really only give a warning..
Evil Neighbor: mmmummmble.
Cop: If you have any more problems you can always come up to the police station and file a complaint.
Evil Neighbor: Ok! I WILL...what's your name?
Cop: My name is ____
Evil Neighbor: Well, MY name is (Evil Neighbor) , nice to met you...


I must admit I was extremly angry about this situation, even now, accounting it I am STEAMED that she had the GALL to call the cops on me for making what I can only imagine to be the sound of me walking around my house as I always do...surely she realizes by now that this will always be the case...but apparently she was especially "angry" on Friday night...

The next day, I wasnt sure what to do...she glared at my sister as she headed up to my apartment to visit me, and I realized that I would continue to have to walk by her apartment and her and her many people living with her and I just COULDNT pretend like nothing had happened.

I went downstairs, knocked on her door ( in which she yelled COME IN) and so that is how I came to be inside her apartment where I humbly apologized for being 'so noisy" ...and that I hoped in the future she would just let ME know if she had a problem...she angerly responded that I should know that she was considering "pressing charges against me"...because I was bumping around every SINGLE night from 12-3am....I calmly mentioned I didnt see how this was possible since I go to bed early to be at work at SEVEN...but that I would definitely try to keep it down. She then said she didnt appreciate it when I JUMPED OFF my bar on to the floor...which shook her whole apartment.
I said that we had never done this, but that we really try to keep it down, and that she should feel free to come up and tell us to keep it down.
At this she told me that with her "disability" she couldnt climb stairs...so I gave her my name and phone number...apologized and left her...just as angry and indignate as I came.


Now, can I just tell you...that at this moment I can hear this very women's daughter's boyfriends ( yes, I know...I dont think he even LIVES there!) car stereo vibrating my room...and this happens every day and every night for about ten minutes at a time at least five times a day....and I am sure she CAN hear some walking around from above, especially since *I* hear her dog barking nonstop all day sometimes, and since I have woken up to delightful conversations like the "OKRA OR GREENBEANS?!" conversation...and I know this is only because the floors are thin. I also know that our other neighbors can be extremely loud running up and down the stairs which run outside her apartment and mine...and they sometimes keep Katie up at all hours as well....but this is besides the point. I really dont know what to do about this situation. Katie and I are going to talk to the apartment manager sometime this week to just to let her know there is a possible problem. But, I have no real hope for a solution. For not only is our apartment manager pretty incompitent, I dont know what she would DO if she DID do something!
I also feel extremely guilty for thinking such bad thoughts against this women and her "family"...I feel guilty about obviously making such a bad impression the time with the "road rage"...and to tell you the truth I am also upset that it seems that if I brought up any of my OWN complaints against her they would just be considered petty since she complained "first".


This makes me want to cry. I am praying about it...asking for some serious help here....It has ruined my weekend....I do not know what the future holds...but, one things for sure..*i* am through handling this situation myself....I need some God-help now. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!

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