January 11, 2006

making up a moment

So, first off, I got a really interesting/random email from a old friend of the family giving me a link to a band...
so, I havent seen this guy, Jesse ( he's in the band) , since...well, probably high school...and we havent probably talked since we were like, seven....so Its always delightful to find out that a person you "sorta" know has turned into a totally talented muscian! sweeeet! I just bought the cd on itunes...and I suggest you do the same! I am always always looking for new christian artists that have something "different" about them. And these guys definitely fit the bill!
Plus, when they get famous I can say...hey, I sorta kinda know the violinist ;-)

In other news,
my mother has gotten into the habit of "making up moments." I mean, sure she's always been good at making up FACTS and telling them to you with such delivery that you really and truly believe that she KNOWS things...but its gotten worse, she actually CONVINCED me that she had given me a particular important document that i had intrusted into her care by giving SUCH specific details about the exchange that I started to doubt my own personal sanity- I mean, afterall...she remember EXACTLY where we were standing when she gave it to me, and what she said when she did it...I mean, you cant make this stuff up can you!?
Yes, in fact you can...after pleading with her to "check again" ....she did in fact, still have the document in question.
All I have to say is, I really hope I inherited my mothers amazing imagination...maybe then I can write the next big piece of fiction since Harry Potter (sic).

Speaking of which, I am soooo struggling with my writing! I mean, I really DO feel like I am suppose to be writing...but God just hasnt given me the WHAT...yet, I mean...I've got the WHY...and HOW ( well, sort of...I know it will probably entail a lot of coffee) ..and the WHERE ( with a laptop this means just about anywhere)....but oooooh...that WHAT is really getting in the way.

Cool compliment of the day: Talked to Aunty D on the phone and she said I make the most mundane boring things fun and exciting....ahhh....yessssss.....laundry....housecleaning....mindnumbing work....you've never looked so good :-)

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