January 12, 2006

I would have skipped class today.

Man! I am sooooo tiiiiirreeeeed. I dont even know why! I got a good seven hours of sleep last night, which isnt the perfect "eight" but its close, right? meh!

My normal oversized mug of coffee didnt even put a dent in my sleepy suit. I mean, I am so tired I was standing over one of my doctors waiting for him to do who knows what...and all I wanted to do was sit down.
I cant even STAND without being tired?!

Yes, today made me wish I was still a student, and the I would have skipped my first lecture...or...If I had been a "good girl" I would have gone to that lecture and then come straight home to take a nap.
ahhhh! those were the days!
wow. I wasnt a very good student was I?

I've been thinking about that lately. It seems like I am surrounded by friends who are about to go for their masters...or honors degree or something along those over-achieving-lines. But, it seems now adays that a Masters is the new Bachelors...to be anyone, these days, you need to have one.
Well, IM SORRY...I just dont feel called to do it! I am a social butterfly who likes to read...and let me just say, I can read and write for FREE.

I said that last paragraph for myself...not really for you, i need to remind myself not to compare my own life to the lives of those around me. I need to be happy with THIS...my life.

I just deleted a whole rant I had about friendships...I realized I am NOT in the right frame of mind to think rationally at the moment and I would have just said something stupid. I just had a M girl get all rude and in my face about something that doesnt even apply to me at all. Sometimes this job isnt cool.

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