January 08, 2006

run forest.

So, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day in Nacogdoches, Texas... I mean, nevermind it was suppose to be winter... it was a perfect spring day.
To celebrate the weather I decided to go for a run.... My newly charged up ipod and I headed out from Oakgrove cemetery, down Lanana, down Logans Port and into Pecan Park...and then we came back. It was fantastic really, and there are very few times a year that I enjoy running outside...I am just toooo picky when it comes to tempature and wind and all sorts of other factors. HOWEVER, this morning I woke up to veeeery sore legs. WHAT? I say to myself, arent I in-shape from working out three times a week, every week?! turns out, veeeeery DIFFERENT cup of tea. hehehe.
I guess the weather wasnt the only thing keeping me from running all these months!

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