January 31, 2006

...this is a one.

So it turns out that I spoke too soon. There really werent very many blogs to catch up on...and no one wrote interesting comments for me to read-no one has taken the poll since last night...and there is nothing interesting going on the news...there is nothing for me to look up on imdb.com and I've already replied to every email in my in box that needed replies...as well as writing several other emails to people that hadnt even written me.

So, to fill my time...
The Life and Times at Apartment 420 ( all the things that have happened in our apartment in the last twenty-four hours...that I can think of....in no particular order)

-Katie and I discussed grandparents, memories and families in all their craziness.

-I laid on the dining room floor to help my back which had been "killed" by 8 hours in a foldingchair at Jury Duty.

-Katie stood outside on the balcony and saw I a guy smoking something "special" in his car.

-Cleaned out the lent trap on our drier...only to find that not only did the drier work a million times better...but the lent had collected in the "coolest rainbow pattern ever".

-Realized that my closet cant hold all my shoes. Gave up being organized a long time ago.

-Ate Mac and Cheese-realized I hadnt eaten anything healthy all day. Didnt care.

-Cleaned out the Fridge. While discussing the mysterious bottle of honey that doesnt seem to stop leaking ( it was put in a baggie and continued to somehow get everywhere) in the pantry.

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