January 31, 2006

Across the page from each other...

I stopped praying and walked across the room to get my Collection of Amy Carmichael's Poems-I didnt even know what I was looking for exactly, I just knew something needed to be said that I couldnt quite get out myself... and then I read these two poems. Yes, they spoke to ME tonight, they quieted all the rambling "what ifs" and "I cants" that littered my thoughts...and all that was left was Peace.

But, I was praying for you tonight as well...and so I leave these words with you, may you have Peace tonight.

Leave It to Me

Leave it to Me, child; leave it to Me.
Dearer thy garden to Me than to thee.
Lift up thy heart, child; lift up thine eyes;
Nought can defeat Me, nought can surprise.

Leave it to Me, child leave it to Me.
Trust in the Wall of Fire. Look up and see
Stars in their courses shine through the night;
Both are alike to Me-darkness and light.

Leave it to Me, child, leave it to Me.
Let slip the burden too heavy for thee;
That which I will, My hand shall perform-
Fair are the lilies that weather the storm.


Art thou disappointed? Come to Me;
I will never be a grief to thee.

Hurt by hand thou trusted? Come to Me;
Leaves of healing I will lay on thee.

Art thou broken? Come, my child, to Me;
I, thy Comforter, will comfort thee.

Even friends can sometimes changeful be;
I will always be the same to thee.

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