January 30, 2006

trials and tribulations

So, today I had jury duty....and I wasnt picked. thank goodness....$7 a day really does NOT pay rent in the real world. And while it was touch and go for a while ( I was in the top 20 and was seated on the front row-meaning, unless they have a good reason they pretty much pick you)...in the end I was sent home with my "thanks for serving your community".

Actually, I have mixed feelings about the whole affair. In a way I wish I was ON that jury because I feel like I would have been more diplomatic than say the women who got picked who said this:
" I really respect the justic system, I was an RN in the ER for years and I saw the things the polic officers would bring in...all drunk and high on drugs ( as she glances over at the defendant)."

Ooooh suuuuure...that kid in the chair over there is innocent till proven guilty....by a women who calls human beings "things".

I looked him up in my yearbook. He was a freshman when I was a senior-which makes him 18...barely.

So, since I was in the top 20 and on the front row...why didnt *I* get chosen, you might ask? Well, I answered all the questions truthfully...and when I found myself singled out standing up infront of 90 other "peers" ...I said in my most honest, truthful and respectful manner:

I HAVE lost faith in the justice system... And yes, if I WERE going to have a prejudice it would be against the state of texas not the defendent. At this point I do not know whether he is guilty, but I would have to think twice before saying he was...for it is truly a weighty matter to say a man is guilty.

Now, looking back on the day, I am even more saddened then when I went into it. I watched as the District Attorney played games with the jurors...I watched as she rolled her eyes every time the Defense Attorney asked for someone to speak up because he was obviously hard of hearing-and i dont think he was paying attention half the time......coming out of retirement to take on a kid who was "obviously guilty"....perfect.

No, I am sad about it all. I am sad that I was the only one who said what I said...or that my words obviously made no sense to a lot of people...

Another women, leaning over to the person next to her as I talked...whispering: "She's speaking up for the YOUTH of this country...my son hates cops too."

It was as if I was talking to a wall....and after all these years, thinking justice was blind...only to find out she's deaf.

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