February 16, 2006


It has come to my attention that some people misunderstood my post entitled "Party Crashers" in which I went into some detail about a party that I was attending and a party that I WANTED to attend etc etc. Apparently, it was not clear that it was a "story" if anything...and that I was using metaphors to discribe "Life" and my relationship with God and other such matters...like I said at the time, it was really just for ME...and it was something I wrote for myself to help ME realize some things in my own life, ways in which I was missing out on the various trials and delights life is serving up at the moment, because I was daydreaming about the future....So, before you start thinking I am going to "way too many parties"
here's a basic key:
Party Host=God
Buffet=being nourished and fed by God
Party Games=things we do for the Lord...it could be anything!
Party Planner= roughly the Spirit, but it could also be Jesus...
After Party Party= life and dreams, things that have not happened yet.

And...in the future, take note of things that are in italics it often means that it is "fiction" or the "on-goings of my head"

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