February 28, 2006

conversations about the weather...

This evening Katie, Matt and I sat on our balcony for the longest time talking about randomness...well, Matt did....Katie and I mostly listened and laughed accordingly. But, you know what was REALLY great? The weather. Seriously, it is gooooorgeous in Nacogdoches Texas at the moment...its the kind of weather where you think, "Man...being indoors totally stinks."
Its the kind of weather that makes you really wish that the Nacogdoches was a 'walking friendly' town.Sadly this is not the case...in fact, as if God was just reminding me that walking isnt a good idea-I kid you not, two minutes after thinking how nice it would be to take a walk...I had two guys drive by as I came out of the supermarket and yell at me....( seriously, WHYYYYY is this done?! It is SOOOOOOO awful! meeeh...I felt like i had been violated :-( )
Wait. We were having a positive post...what happened? Ok. Back on track...yes. right. So, sitting on the balcony for a few hours was perfect. I feel refreshed. Possibly too refreshed to go to sleep. So here are some talking points:

-Gilmore Girls was particularly good tonight.

-I made the solid decision to do NOTHING to my hair....I will now pretend like it is long and not brush it accordingly...I mean, when my hair was long I only brushed it after I washed it...and darn it, what makes my hair think its special now just because its short?! Fingers work JUST FINE. So, those of you that see me on a semi-regular basis...you will notice that NOTHING will change about my hair...I have a strong suspicion that brushing my hair was actually not changing my appearance at all...it was just taking time out of my already packed life ;-)

-I bought Lady in the Tramp at the Supermarket ( why they were selling it is beyond me...but I was glad...) and even the catcalls coming out couldnt kill my totally happy buzz. I cant REMEMBER the last time I was this excited about a movie. Wait. I think it was about Beauty and the Beast ....I think if we physco-analyzed me right now we would find that I am seriously attracted to "bad boys" who could possibly save me if I was in some sort of fix involving, say wolves or very very mean dogs...and this can be directly related to Disney movies of my youth...and seriously, I would have a HARD time not falling madly in love with someone who gave me a giant library full of books...or got my muzzle taken off....metaphorically speaking, of course ;-) hahahah!

-I have tomorrow off from work and I have very exciting things like "pick up dry cleaning" and "buy greeting cards" on my to-do list. Of course, I plan to write "Watch Lady in the Tramp" in bold letters too....

Songs I've listened to whilest writing this blog:
"Painter Song" Norah Jones
"Parachutes" Coldplay
"Peace Train" Cat Stevens
"Perfect Sense" John Mayer
"Perfect time of Day" Howie Day
"Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor OP. 18" Rachmaninov

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