March 01, 2006


Its not that I DISLIKE has its perks. I really like hot tea....I really love bonfires...and fireplaces....and I really enjoy frosty nights....I love scarves and sweaters...I'm a fan of mittens. BUT I am pretty sure none of those things give me the CONSTANT joy that SUNNY weather gives me!
Seriously, day two of this beautiful weather has left me feeling UTTERLY happy. I mean, its not even like I did anything that extra special today...its just that I got to do ALL my extra special things with the SUN beating down on me. Now, I know this wont last forever...but while it does I sing praises to the sky...for this is glorious.

Ok, in other news...I am happy to report that Lady in the Tramp IS as good as I remembered it. And I recommend every one of my readers go out and rent it/buy it/borrow it tomorrow...because, seriously, this kind of good clean wholesome fun is hard to come by these days...

In other other wonderful father got my side-mirror on my car fixed today....MUCH appreciated! And I have to say driving around with him for the hour that it took for the people to fix was actually more delighting to me than getting it made me realize that I havent gotten to do that with him in a loooong time. I think my father has an interesting life. He does so many things throughout his days and he does all those things with this air of ease and delight that people just WANT to stop and talk to least that's the best way I can figure it. Maybe he's just a magnetic person plain and simple. For example, have you ever gone and had coffee with him before? Well, if you havent...its an cannot do it without being interrupted at LEAST three times...and usually about 5 to 10, depending on the day of the week and the time of day..of course, I dont blame the people father is a great guy. I'd want to talk to him too.
( this little paragraph is in honor of the fact that he started drinking coffee again after going for a successful month without it....which turned out to be possibly the WORST month for him...ever. hehehe...poor papa, but SO glad he's back! :-) )

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