February 13, 2006

heaviness of heart.

I went to a the Casting Crowns Concert last night...and a couple of things really stuck. I have to admit, I wish they HADNT stuck, I wish I could just leave and move on as though it really WAS all just entertainment.
But, instead I am still saddened by hallowness that seemed to seap from everywhere, a soldout concert to a very large group of people...yet...it was entertainment in the name of Christianity, in the name of evangalism. It makes me want to cry. Actually, I have no more words to discribe. Normally I would go into a big long rant about this...but I am only really good at rants when I'm mad or indignant...I am neither...I am just sad.
Oh, that I would use this burden to pray and not to get lost in what seems to be a hopeless hopeless church.

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