February 07, 2006

New Every Morning..

So, last night I came home from working out...made myself some dinner...and went directly to bed.
At eight.

I then slept till 8, woke up and had my quiet time until I went to work at 9:30. Yay! I totally needed both badly...

I've made some decisions...both of which, I realized were put on my heart Sunday night-but I kind of threw them out of my head until yesterday...both of which were kind of hard and therefore, I must confess, I faught against them all day...It wasnt until I pleaded for help this morning that I was able to really give them up.

One of my big decisions is kind of silly, at least, you might think so...but it turns out its kinda a big deal to me-which was really the problem anyway. Its funny how very earthly things become so important! So, on thursday at 1:45...I am doing something that I havent done in...ooooh...six years and a half years. Its exciting. ;-)

My other decision was actually much easier( once I made it) to make, and is one that has been "niggling" away at me for sometime now...

I have been given SUCH a lovely set up at the moment: a job that is hardly stressful at all ( well, its stressful but only WHILE I am at work) and I am easily able to not think about it at all once I leave the hospital walls...I have no serious/important responsiblities and therefore I really DO have a lot of free time...and what do I DO with said free time? I watch DVDs...I read blogs...I surf around imbd.com and read mindless facts about movies and the like. It's really embarrassing how much time I waste.

So, I'm cutting it out...I am not watching DVDs for a month-and I am truly cutting ALL internet time at home- This is a long time coming. I am truly humbled by how looong its taken for me to do this. pitiful really. But, I am excited now...

Whew, So really its been quite an eventful last few days! ;-)

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