February 05, 2006

Whew! Busy Weekend!

Man, so I leave for ONE DAY...and my friends have a baby. CRAZY! I went and saw Mr. Noah Thomas Scott today and he is seriously the CUTEST baby ever! I mean, you would never think he was just two days old-normally babies look like raisins for several days/weeks before getting this cute. But, no...seems like Noah is a quick to the punchs. I guess I better ask the parents before I post a picture of their adorable child on the internet...but I'll try to show him off soon....You've gotta check this cutie out-and I as I held him today I thought how it was just a week or so ago that he was kicking me in the side through his mommy's tummy as she sat next to me on a couch...wow.
Note the parents: Put that kid is soccer as soon as you can!

Well, since i cant give you a picture of Noah in all his glory-what's almost as good? Well! A picture of me on a giant TRACTOR! hahahahahaha!
Seriously, my weekend was all that you could ask for good times with my wonderful Pawpaw, a fun Rodeo ( where no one died or got seriously injured-which was kind of touch and go for a while)...annnnd awesome people watching! I mean, no lie, I sat for a GOOD two hours just watching people walk by *sigh* I was in heaven!


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