February 09, 2006

Poll Results: Holidays Happen

Well, we've come to the end of another delightful poll...this has to have been one of my favorite questions to ask people-just because there is truly no wrong answer...I mean, give me ANY of these vacations ANY day! ;-)
But...if you had to choose:

19% of you would go straight to the city and all the glitz and glamour ( and maybe some culture) that implies. This is actually, amazingly enough, the lowest on my list of vacation spots these days...I say amazingly enough because it would have only been a few years ago when I thought cities were THE coolest...I wanted to move to New York...or Seattle...or Chicago...) anyway as time has past I realize that I really like Sloooow places much better! When "the girls" and I went to Italy this past summer I was so happy when we got out of the cities into the little villages... However, in saying that..if someone got me tickets to the Late Night with Conan O'Brian I would be allll oveeeer that.

19% of you would head for the hills, or more accurately...the mountains. Actually this choice is higher on my list...yet, since I spent a good three and a half years in various versions of "winter"..I'm not as keen on cold as I use to be ( imagine that!)...of course, snow and all its wonder is all very much more beautiful when sitting by a fire...so...if you have some mountain cabin with central heat, and you invite me over...well, I'd come.

29% of you would dive into the ocean..or the sand...or whatever is closest. You know the Ben Harper song, "She's only happy in the Sun."? Well, I feel that way a lot of the time...I would have to rank my vacation in Fiji as my most ultimate-fantastic relaxation vacation that I've ever had..it was woooonnnndddddeeeeerfuuuuullll....so maybe I'm just partical to the beach for that reason. BUT, remember...I'm partial to tropical islands-dont invite me to South Padre, Texas and expect me to get excited.

33% of you would grab your camera and see the sights. Did you know that one of my TOP TEN THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE is to see the Pyramids in Egypt? Well, its true...I also reeeally want to go to india...and china...and russia...and well...everywhere. So, to say the least I totally understand if you picked this response. This world is too small for me not to try and see as much of it as I can.

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