February 24, 2006

poll results: loving you...

I like to think that a majority of my blog-readers are my friends, and I'm probably right on this assumption...or at least, I would like to think we've become friends if we werent before. Anyway, its interesting to see what really tugs on my friends heart strings, and its also interesting ( from my perspective) to see if I've been fulfilling my friends needs.
So here are the poll results for the question: "For Abigail to get in my good books.."

0% of you want me to do some act of service for you. In a lot of ways this is a relief...I am pretty bad about being super thoughtful when it comes to acts of kindness...something I still feel like I need to work on. Yet, its nice to know that most of you arent feeling unloved until I get my act together ;-)

7% of you want me to shower you with meaningful presents. Actually seven percent equals to only one person...I kind of wonder who the person is, because I need to make a mental note that this is the way to make you happy. I personally LOVE to give presents, especially when i KNOW the person is going to really dig the present...

21% of you desire words of appreciate and encouragment. Now, this I can do! I'm kinda disappointed that so few of you want words...because, with a majority of my friends at the moment it's about allll I can give. It stinks when you're so far away! I'm kind of limited to emails and phonecalls...so, hey, maybe you'll make an exception?

36% of you want to hang out and spend quality time together. Hey, I feel ya. There is nothing I would rather do with my friends. And I try very hard to take time out to spend with those I love, but, like i said...when you live a million miles away...its hard ;-)

36% of you want a hug. Really?! Seriously? I am sooo bad at hugs :-( But, I'll try...and if you want one, I guess all you have to do is ask...

Alright! Thus endeth that little poll question...on to bigger and better things:
My personal favorite topic of conversation...what people like to do in their down time, it was hard to come up with only a few options, so forgive me if your personal favorite isnt there...if its not, pick the "next best thing" and leave a comment confessing your FIRST favorite... ;-)
Get answering!

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