February 24, 2006

highlight(ers) of the day thus far...

It is NICE to already have highlights for the day...especially since its only 10am. But I do, and you can thank the fact that my trusty Lord of the Rings highlighter finally gave out and said it didnt have any more ink left to highlight quotes...so I had to come in from my sunny/morning breezy balcony to rustle up a new one.

That was highlight number, one just in case you didnt catch it...reading Lord of the Rings with the company of the morning sun, a cup of coffee and tiramisu ( from La Madeline's in Houston )...oh...and with a multi-vitimin chaser...hahaha.

I also had a lovely quiet time at the kitchen table with that morning sun aluminating the words...my journal happily keeping me company and my Bible and Daily Light Devotional punctuating every sentence.

Other than that, I have just an over all happy wellbeing-y feeling happening here...probably due in part to the quiet time and the 10 hours of sleep last night....

( oh, and just in case you feel totally left out on my yesterday's activities...I was in Houston for a much needed "girls day" with my mom and my sister...yes, all three of us played hooky from work, we are baaaad..hehe. Also for a quick update on health issues, since so many of you have been so wonderfully faithful in praying: My fathers hiccups have had two/three re-occurances, but he is doing MUCH much better-and he what he really needs now is some serious resting up from his three weeks of back to back illness....I, on the other hand, am still battling(?) my itchiness...i had my steriod shot yesterday morning, which hurt like nobodies business by the by, and it seemed to midly help for much of the day, but by the time I arrived home at 9pm the itchiness was back in full force and I am itchy at this very moment...to tell you the truth, I feel like I am possibly crazy, since no cause and no solution has been found as of yet..meeh. Just praying that I'll just be able to "live with it" for a while.)

OK, so back to today...which is a GOOD day, no matter how annoying the itching may be, I am now planning to read in the sun for a little bit longer and maybe do a little writing on an "essay" ( for lack of better word) that I am writing...then, finally, off to work at 12:30. :-)

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