February 22, 2006

Shocking news.

I just ate several carrots... I will pause a moment to let that unbelievable ( inconceiveable!) fact sink in...

OK, so its not as bad as it sounds, they were from the hospital cafeteria and they were part of a mixed veggies ensemble and were cooked to such an oblivion that you couldnt actually distinguish any one tasting veggie from the next. Of course, the fact remains that I ate them, and I feel pretty good about myself...somebody should give me a pat on the back ( or even better, a cookie) or SOMETHING. And while we are on the topic of me being ultra-healthy...I also took a multi-vitimin today...thanks to my wonderful roommate ;-) Man, at this rate, I'll probably live forever. HAHA.

Man....I'm bored....and sleepy....and well, I am half praying someone will email me with some interesting news, or tell me a joke, or just flat out scream...so that I'll be jolted back into consciousness.
And its not like work has been slow today, its really been very average. Maybe that's the problem...everything feels "average" at the moment. blah.


I am officially sick and tired of those this particular line of questioning...uggy, the only problem is, I dont believe I am in the frame of mind to creatively come up with a BETTER question for the next time...one can only hope I'll be in a better frame of mind in the next few days, right? Slumps cant last forever...
so. they. say.

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