February 22, 2006

probably an ancient torture method...

If we could ONLY find out what was making me so itchy it would be a fantastic way to torture terriosts into telling us where Bin Laden is.....not that "we" actually torture terriosts...anyway....whatever....I digress.

So, today was a hard day for me, and I think its mostly the being itchy thing...I dont really know how to discribe it exactly, I feel sort of stupid, especially since there are no outward signs of the actually itchiness ( besides me constantly scratching) ...but, tonight I was complaining to God about the whole thing, and it was extremely hard for me to concentrate on the prayermeeting at church....but now, now I am feeling much better-because I'm getting a shot tomorrow! Woooo! Steroids!!
I guess this means I'll probably fail my olympic blood tests and my olympic dreams arent going to come true....bummer.

Anyway, tonight I got an email recommending a particular comic strip ( which I DO read already, but it shows your excellent taste that you'd mention it, Brett) ...and I realized you guys ( my readers) were missing out on a very valuable part of my day....every morning after reading my two online devotionals My Utmost for His Highest and Spurgeon's Morning and Evening ( I read the morning AND the evening in the morning...hehehe)....I read several comic strips...and seriously, they never fail to make me laugh: Baby Blues, Dilbert, Get Fuzzy, Pearls before Swine and Zits...you can find all of these ( and more) at the Houston Chronicle Comic page, which was shown to me sometime a few months ago and it has delighted me to no end since...

So, there you go....a little part of my morning routine...and yes, of course, feel free to laugh along with me on those comic strips ( Pearls before Swine is my newest addition, I dont even know why its so funny...but it makes me giggle)

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