February 17, 2006

wait, what was the question again?

Ok, so I got reeeeally confused about my latest poll that I posted...a reminder: the question was " To get in my good books..."
Now, I personally meant this to be one of those "fill in the blank" type deals where you pick the answer that fits you best, however, it seems that instead ( and I now see that this too makes perfect sense) people picked what they thought I'd choose...as though it were a right/wrong type deal. So, I'm posting the same question again...only this time...I'm changing the wording just a TAD...and to get rid of further confusion please pick what you think YOUR love language is, as in the one you respond to best..not the one that you protray to others best ( Oh, man! THIS is still confusing!) hehehe...

Ok, but since we have a whole bunch of answers here, I am going to take the results as if they were talking about me...and we'll look at it THAT way...and hopefully next time I'll be discussing, you, my readers....got it? Ok, good...

0% chose "buy me a present, even if its something little, its the thought that counts" now, if we are talking about ME here ( which we are) then you're really pretty much right...unless its something i really really want ( ooooh saaaay, the DVD of Lady in the Tramp) then I'd much rather you showed me how much you cared in some other fashion....but, then again, I HEAR that diamonds are a girls best friend. ;-) hahaha!

0% also chose "Wash my car, clean my room...do something thoughtful for me." once again, you guys must know me well! Sadly to say good deads can often be totally lost on me ( ask, Katie...poor baby is truly an unsung hero when it comes to doing actual things for me!)...yup, I appreciate acts of kindness...but they are pretty low on my list. I'm too much of a people person, so lets clean my car together next time ;-)

26% chose "write me a letter, or just tell me how wonderful you think I am." Now, I'm kinda suprised that more people didnt pick this one...I mean, I seriously save just about EVERY letter I've ever been sent, and I pretty much check my email every twenty minutes ( on a good day) and therefore, I have a good feeling I dig words...and I love talking to people...example: Last night spend over an hour on the phone with Lydia.

30% chose "give me a big ol' hug", now if we are talking about ME, than you maybe a little off, but basically I have a wide "personal space" bubble, and I really only like hugs from those I feel comfortable with...and I think usually physical contact comes into play when "words arent enough", "I cant actually FIND the words" or when "I'm crying so hard I cant talk" kind of moments...so, yes they do have their place...and I must admit that more than once I've really craved hugs from some of my overseas friends, or those I havent seen in a while.

43% chose "come and hang out with me, even if we're just sitting around." and yes, its true...there is nothing I like more than spending quality time with those I love, and I really really appreciate it when someone takes the time to spend that time with me, I realize that most people are super busy and so I love the fact that they'd take time out to hang with me. In a way, since many of those I count as dear live far away from me now, I have learned to transfer this particular love into other forms...for instance, setting up a phone date with me is the equivalent of a coffee date...and reading my blog is like stopping to say "Hi" on the street ( though its better when you comment..its like saying "Hi" back)...

OK, so we've gone over the love that appreciate the most, and now I want to know about YOU ( my readers) so we're going to try this poll again, shall we?

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