February 17, 2006

Yay! Work!

There are times when you go to bed and you think, "Thankgoodness I get to go to work tomorrow!"

Of course, you'd have to be a crazy person ( I think) to say that EVERY night...but I definitely said it last night...
There is something wonderfully uncomplicated about spending your days soley devoted to making two doctors happy in their working enviroment...whether that's fielding unfortunate phonecalls, hanging their CTs "just so"...or just pretending to enjoy talking about politics....the simplicity can be really really comforting. It is truly nice to KNOW what your job is, and to be able to do it well.

Its often not exactly like that in the rest of my life, sometimes the lines of what I am "suppose to be doing" seem to run together...like water colors in a coloringbook...in the end, no matter what colors you choose, Barbie's face just looks green.

Next up, the long awaited return of "Poll Results".

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