March 21, 2006

half a memory...

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I remembered that there was this really great quote about friendship that I needed to look up...the basic jist of it is, that but a moment, a conversation, a choice could have kept us apart...but it didnt...or something like that...anyway, I felt SURE that it was at the front of my journals from 2003...or the end of 2002...but....I've now gone through numerous journals...and nada. Man, what I would give for a photographic memory! Either that, or at least a memory that can remember a quote when its existence comes into my mind...I mean, PLEASE!!!! God, give me a little bit more to go on here!
(I'm not even sure why I needed to find it....)

Off chance that ANYONE knows what I'm talking about? I remember writing it in several cards over the years...I just dont know to whom...Maybe Lydia...who knows....meh.

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