March 19, 2006

how quickly...

How quickly, my heart does stumble and quickly my eyes become foggy and my mouth is speechless....

Three days...three days without a quiet time. Not one, not one. Life was SO busy! So many parties and gatherings...and people to talk to, people to worry about, people to smile at, people to help, people to chat with, people to eat with, people, people, people, people, people. I didnt have for ONE MOMENT time to think about anything in my own personal little life ( not that that's a bad thing necessarily)

Of course, I LOVE people...I really do...but, not stopping from the moment I awoke on friday morning until this day has made me groggy Spiritually speaking ( not to mention phyiscally!)...yes, its SUCH a lesson...learned the hard way, over and over...
For it is when I havent sat down with the Lord that I big holes start to show up in my already-flimsy shield:
I've faught hard against hopelessness this afternoon especially. It seemed the worries and wrongs of the world had finally come to rest right upon my very head.

"How can we make it?!" I cried.

And then, as but a was as if the Lord asked when the last time I'd talked to Him had been...oh, sure, in I drifted off into sleep I said many a prayer...not enough, not heart of hearts craves much more.

Tonight, my heart is with many dear ones who are struggling...fighting against hardship, against Fear, against the Lies of the Devil. I feel so burdened. But, under the burden there is a Hope. A Hope to hold it all that it's not so heavy afterall...

You are righteous, You love justice
And those who honor you, will see Your face
I will arise, and lift my eyes to see Your majesty, Your holiness
All I am will bless You.
My hope is in the Name of the Lord, where my Help comes from
You're my strength my Song, My trust is in the Name of the Lord
I will sing your praise, You are faithful.

My eyes fail from looking upward. Is. 38:14

Oh, that I had wings like a dove! For then I would fly away and be at rest!" Ps55:6

Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit" says the Lord of Hosts." Zech 4:6

Tonight, I have been told to BE QUIET. So I will not be replying to emails...I will not be commenting on blogs...this post is it.
I need to be filled up...

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