March 18, 2006

while my hair dries: poll results

Ok, so lets look back at this last was a difficult one for me, because, as I mention ALL of the answers were favorites of mine-and so, I was cheering for all of them to win....I tried to not take it personally when one only got chosen once ( meh)..but it was hard. ;-) So here we go...

5% chose Finding Neverland: This SHOCKS ME..have you just not SEEN this movie?! Its wonderful! Johnny Depp is fabulous...those little boys are heart breaking...the moral of the story is a beautiful...seriously I cant BELIEVE only ONE of you thought this movie was worthy to watch with me :-P

10% chose Serenity: I'm less shocked about this, because I bet you really HAVENT seen this movie ( some of you told me as much) so let me just say, if you want to have some good solid fun-go rent this movie. I was purely delighted by its unpretentiousness (is that a word?) of bringing me really good science fiction. I think one of the main reasons this movie will forever be on my list of favorites is that I was so HAPPILY SUPRISED at how much I enjoyed it. I sat there on my couch, on the edge of my seat with a grin on my face...its great. But only two of you think so too :-(

24% chose Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: fabulous movie isnt it? Seriously, I love it...and I've got sooo many good memories attached to it. Watching the extended edition ( for the first came out that very day) in the Boys Flat on my second to last day in New Zealand...watching it while actually SITTING in the seat where Elijah Wood sat at the premier in Wellington with the REAL Sam sitting next to me...awwwwww! Of course, if you had been there for the FIRST time that I saw it you would have experienced me complaining about minor changes from book to movie...buuuut over time, I have mellowed considerably and have become more liberal in my views about book to movie adaptations. ;-)

29% chose The Village: Because this movies is THE most romantic movie EVER...and because its in THE most untraditional sense of the word "romantic", and because the soundtrack is riviting...and because....well, the list could go on, but I'm glad other people like it too...I always feel that this movie got a bad rap, so I am happy to know it did so well on my little poll. ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD! hahaha!

33% chose Beauty and the Beast: I admit...I'm shocked. I mean, SURE, I LOOOOVE this movie, get me started and I WILL sing all of the "Tale as old as tiiiime, truuuuue as it can beeee, barely even friends than somebody bends unexpectedlllllyyyyy..." and of course, I cant get ENOUGH of that moment when the Beast gives Belle that huge library...that ALONE makes this movie wonderful. But, to tell you the truth I didnt know I had so many fellow fans reading my blog! Interesting...but I'm happy. :-)

Its been fun....and feel free to take me up on the offer of watching one or more of these fantastic movies again ( or for the first time) and know that you're watching GREATNESS :-) :-)

P.S. I cant think up a new poll mind is a either give me suggestions ( you can email me) patient I'll get to it soonish.

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