March 02, 2006

I feel popular.

So, I went to my sister's house this evening...without my cell phone....which has been a common thing this week...I keep forgetting it....anyway I digress, so I got home to find THREE voice mails on my cell phone and ONE on my landline. OHMYGOSH! I feel SOOO COOOOOOOL!!! I NEVER get messages! ( ok, I do...but not that many).

Anyway, I am WIDE awake at the moment...which is a problem, because its 10pm. But, its probably because I slept from 3 to five this afternoon. ooops. But I NEEDED it. My poor rundown self ( hahah!)...I am on ( count it) FOUR medications at the moment...isnt that exciting? And none of them are for being a hypercondriac (how do you actually spell that?) which is shocking because I really felt like that might be a valid point at this stage of my existence and my seeming addiction to going to the doctors office three times in two weeks....anyway....I digress again.

So, did I tell you guys that I've started a little "girls group" ( that's what I call it in my head) with three of the girls from my church? I didnt tell you, and its been going on for two weeks now ( SEE?! there ARE things I dont tell my blog!!!)...and I think the main reason I havent mentioned it is because I couldnt quite put its importance into words without it sound utterly and completely self-involved. But THEN ...I snapped out if I and reminded myself that there is a very high possiblity that this whole entire BLOG has a sort of self-involved theme running throughout it...just because of the unescapable fact that it is a BLOG. Anyway...I digress.,....let me tell you about why this girls group has been so cool for me...thus far ;-)

Way back when I was about to leave NZ I had various meltdowns...I'm sure many of you remember them....yup, I had a few....and then, after I actually LEFT NZ I had various other meltdowns...and yup, I bet you remember those too. Anyway, among all those melt downs I actually did a lot of ACTUAL good "preparation"....its what i like to call "praying over EVERYTHING"...I pretty much prayed for ever possible thing I wanted to happen in this next section of my far as I could see...which, turns out, wasnt that far...but I prayed over everything I COULD get my mind around and that pretty much consisted mainly of your basic "family, church, work, living" ( not necessarily in that order) categories. And when I was praying about my church I had a reeeeally big desire to start a group that has now actually come into being. I even had two of the girls on my heart even way back then...and I felt SURE that it was suppose to happen. But, it didnt take long in me arriving back in the States that I had MUCH bigger fish to fry, and that God had some other plans for my time then, but even while I was going about frying those fish I felt very clearly that God said that He'd tell me when the right time was for that prayer to turn into action last year was filled with...well, a BUNCH of live-stretching events. Seriously. I never want to go back there ;-)...but anyway, it was great and I would also never exchange that year for anything. But, then just in the most easy and perfect manner this girls group came back into the picture. In a matter of two weeks after I felt it placed back into my path I actually felt the "go ahead"...and that is how it came that Mary, Christa and Esther ended up in my house two Monday nights ago....and to tell you the truth once I actually GOT them there...I was like, "whoa, what the heck are we suppose to DO?!"
hahaha! But, seriously, I'm starting to see that its going to be great...I'm really really excited. And, look, I've ALREADY learned another fantastic lesson about God.
No prayer goes unanswered, no passion goes unfulfilled, no dream goes unaddressed. Our God is PERFECT like that. So, I say go dust off those old prayers that you use to be passionate about, because God hasnt forgotten about them....

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