March 03, 2006

In heaven

So, last night I got the sweetest e-card fromNam, and after reading it, I first thought how sweet she was, and how I missed her and then I thought-wow, HEAVEN is going to be WONDERFUL. Sometimes, I miss heaven more than others...and for many different reasons, but my thought last night was how WONDERFUL it will be to see Dear Friends again. I have a pretty good feeling that the longer I live, the more wonderful people I will meet. And, the one downfall to this is that I can never have everyone that I love in one place, at one time-but I will in Heaven...and sometimes I cant wait.

Also, after several complaints made by a particular person who didnt like the category they were in on my links... I took the opportunity to make things like they will be in heaven. All my friends hanging out together. NOW are you happy Paul?

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