March 14, 2006

a list...

So, there are many things I COULD do right now, I'm home work and the rest of the day stretches out before me....yet, after a hardcore lunch ( the conversation, not the food) with my sister....I feel like just lying here....trying not to think.

So here's Song Association Game:

Harmony, Monk & Neagle: One of those "my wife is awesome" songs that Christian artists write when they are on tour...its good though, and as I girl you can only HOPE someone while write you a song one day ;-) ha! I mean seriously, read the lyrics...its sooo mushy and perfect!

Let it Roll, Train: Never fails...this song makes me think of Exams during 2003....I had an exam on the VERY last day of exams...and there were seriously no people left on campus except for the 45 other sad, unlucky few taking the exam with me....I listened to this song on my ipod waiting to go into the exam, lying on the grass outside the First Year Bio Lab ( which is where my exam was being held)...looking at all the stressed people around me, thinking that "in two hours I'll get to have brunch in the sun....just two hours...." ( I totally got a sunburn from lying there for ten minutes....hahaha! here's to New Zealand's harsh sun!)

Torn, Natalie Imbrulia: Tauranga in the spring...Lydia and I making mix CDs from her Sister-in-laws CD collection...this song was one of our picks...makes me think of lying on Lydia's parents lounge floor, with nothing to do but eat homemade potato wedges with sourcream and thai chili sauce...

Come What May, Moulin Rouge: This song makes me think of Sam....and Thida...and anyone else that knows all the words to Moulin Rouge songs. Specifically that moment in the care somewhere in Hastings where everyone in the car re-enacted half of the songs from this movie word-for-word. Fish-n-chips by the River. Freezing, yet beautiful Sunsets.

This Will Be ( An everlasting love), Natalie Cole: Ok, you are totally going to laugh at me for this one...but dont judge: I totally thought of Lindsey Lohan...because she was in The Parent Trap remake...and this song was totally in that movie. Dont ask me HOW I remember that, but for some reason movie soundtracks always stick with me longer than the actual movie does...So yeah, Lindsey.....I feel really sorry for her, she's just a lost littler girl in a horrible superfical world of hollywood.... ( oh, but I think this song is totally great, makes me want to dance around and sing into a hairbrush)

Sexy Plexi, Jack Johnson: Micah Nauck. I cant really listen to ANY Jack Johnson song without thinking of him. Micah was always my fellow Jack Johnson fan. Makes me miss Micah.

So Much to Say, Dave Matthews Band: Ohhh maaan, high takes me back to when I was a 'different person', not that I'm a TOTALLY different person now....I guess I'm just a more "defined, comfortable" version of myself now ;-)
But, yeah, this reminds me of when my musical tastes defined a part of who I was and who my friends where....ahh...makes me miss Meredith and listening to DMB in Volvo.

One Day at a Time, Jeremy Camp: The beginning of 2005...when I would listen to this CD and cry...and wonder when oh when would I be happy to be in Nacogdoches, when everything that was wrong would turn out right....hardest stuff I've ever been through-and I'm happy to report I am happy to be here in Nacogdoches, and things WILL be Right fact, in a year this week...the countdown begins! :-)

....ok, thats enough...

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