March 14, 2006

the low down...

I'm feeling pretty happy this morning, of course, its 8:30 and the hospital is reeeeally slow ( being spring break and all...), so that's probably why...
I was able to drink my coffee in perfect peace. ahhhhh! Delightful.

So, update on my new bed situation....the dog's barking this morning was as annoying as ever, but I wouldnt say it was I think its probably going to be a win situation. Apartment living. Its the life. heh.

I'm wearing new scrubs today. All of my pants were getting to be really gigantic and I felt like a balloon all the time...not that that's really a BAD thing...its just, from what I hear, the balloon look isnt in for spring.

In other news, I marinated some chicken yesterday, it turned out ok...but I felt really grown up...or at least I felt like Lydia who is my "cooks better than any of my other friends" friend.

Well, I think that's all I've got this morning, how's everyone else doing? If you've got the time...tell me what's up with is slooooow ( I think its going to be all week) and I could use the diversion. cheers.

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