March 10, 2006


I'm worrying a lot at the moment...not really worry worrying...I'm just thinking about a lot of different things. In a lot of ways my job is great for thinking and praying and anything else that I can do while I also do my job...because, well, I can do my job totally and utterly without thinking...I can talk on the phone, I can hang up films, I can organise the lives of any number of doctors, I can carry on conversations with doctors about there own lives....all while thinking my own thoughts...doing my own thing.
BUT, sometimes, when I'm only using an 8th of my brain out in the real world, I dont particularly THINK before I speak, which isnt bad most of the time, because most of the time what I speak consists of the following: "yes", "Sure", "uh-huh", " I understand", "Absolutely".

However, sometimes...THIS happens:

First Doctor ( as he's about to walk out the door to do a particularly un-fun procedure): "They should always schedule these when Doctor ___ is here, because he likes doing them.

Me: Maybe its not that he likes doing them its just that he doesnt COMPLAIN about doing them!

Other Doctor: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

First Doctor: ( Look of shock).

Me: ( turning bright red) Ohmygoodness. I'm SO sorry! Pretend like I didnt say that!

Other Doctor: AHAHAHAHA! That was great! I am going to remember that for WEEKS!

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