March 06, 2006

oddly relieving.

So, I went back to the doctor (because I LIVE for spending the money) and I finally got an answer that made sense:
"Congrats! Its a Stone!"

Yup, I've got another kidney stone hanging out between my kidney and my bladder...making life just a TAD uncomfortable. And I say a TAD because lucky for me its apparently a really teeny tiny stone, either that..or its just not moving yet.

When I got to work today my doctors told me that I should get a six pack of beer and drink it down along with a gallon of water and I'd wash this baby right on out of town....but, the thing is, I dont like beer....I've never been a fan. So, does anyone have any suggestions of, like, a really mild beer...or something that I wouldnt mind drinking six of? I dont know these things...I'm a winecooler girl myself ;-) hahaha!

Its kind of relieving to know exactly what's making me feel so bad. You feel less like your gonna die when you know what's killing you ;-)

I dont really have anything else to add to this post...except to say, that I am optimistic that we'll all get to stop talking about my various medical ailments sometime really soon. Because its boring. Dont you agree?

Ok, so interesting:
I'm eating roasted green peas at the moment...yummy stuff....I suggest you go to your nearest Whole Foods, Central Market or your local supermarket that has an international food section and get some for yourself...AND on a side note they make you super thirsty, which is good for me.

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