March 06, 2006

Saturday nights poll

well its about that time again...time to see what ya'll would most rather do on a Saturday night...this was a fun poll for me because, well, on any given Saturday I would be happy doing ANY of those choices...but since we're being picky ( we are) I'll rate them on what I USUALLY like to do ;-)

7% of you would like to dress up all glamorous like and mingle at a party. I'd have to say the stars have to reeeeeally align for me to choose this one, but that being said, I get excited about dressing up. And I'm a big fan of mascara...and usually glamorous parties give me the opportunity to bat my eyes a little ;-) hehe. Sadly, Nacogdoches lacks in glamorous if you know of any...remember to invite me! :-P

14% of you want to blog out in front of the TV with a pizza.Unless I'm not feeling well ( which, granted, has been a lot lately) then I would much rather do something a BIT more stimulating. I cant blog out in front of the T.V. any day!

34% of you would like to settle in at a coffee house and chat with a friend.
Most definitely, especially a friend that I havent caught up with in a while...I like to hear about peoples lives, I like to discuss current events, important issues, not so important short, I am continually fascinated by people.

45% of you would have a small dinner part gathering with a few friends, throwing a little food/games into the mix. Once again I totally agree! Just this Friday night I had a delightful dinner with friends that I had missed all week. It was just LOVELY catching up with them...and I cant think of a better way to spend an evening.


Ok kids, our next poll question is a little combo of me...and a little combo of you...basically I will list MY favorite movies, and YOU tell me which movie you would most like to watch with me. ;-) So start answering!

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