March 02, 2006


I'm not feeling very well...what's the deal with all the sickness....I am really starting to think its all in my head. I probably just want an excuse to go see The Wendy. ;-) hahahah!

In other news, I did some blog links spring you will see I deleted a couple of blogs in my links section. Sadly a few of you hadnt posted in so long that I've given up hope-of course, this doesnt mean I deleted you off of if you ever post again... I WILL bring you back. ;-) that's a threat/promise. Also, for those of you interested.... as in Aunt Donnave's comment "Whoa, do I know Brett?? Does he have a blog?? Love his written word!!" Brett has a blog now. Maaaan I love it when friends come over to the darkside...I mean....the blogging world.

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