March 01, 2006

my ring finger

Last Thursday I lost my ring....or at least I THINK it was thursday. All I know is I woke up Friday morning without it.
I've been in total denial ever since.

But, tonight, I was having a little praise/prayer time on my bedroom floor ( as you do) and I felt like it was finally time to look for the ring...and yup, its offically gone.

To be totally honest with you, I want to cry....

This ring was this very simple silver ring, James Avery I think, It had a little heart and two flowers on either side of the heart...that's it...nothing special right? I could totally replace it.
But it meant more than that...When my grandmother died I was 13 maybe 14. And this ring was in her jewlry collection, still in its little box...and it was given to me, because well, she had meant to give it to me at some point, anyway....I always considered it her last gift to me. That at and a gold wedding band is pretty much all i have of hers...and, well, it would be odd for me to wear a wedding band all the time....
So I wore this little ring...pretty much nonstop from then first it was on my middle finger of my right hand...but in college it moved to my ring finger as a reminderof various things that I figured out in college.... and that is where it has stayed-it was never taken off, expect when I was in the ocean or putting on lotion...but now its gone.
I put another ring on my ring finger on friday, because I still wanted the reminder of lessons there...but I figured I'd find MY ring....I figured it would turn need to panick....
Is it wrong that I am SO sad?!

I shouldnt be so attached to a THING.

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