March 13, 2006

the strong independent type thought it would be a good idea to re-arrange my room...All. By. Myself.
I think it will actually end up being a really good thing, because now my head is not directly up against the "loud neighbors", that will make life better? here's hopin....

But...we're getting off the subject. The SUBJECT is that *I* moved ALL my furniture, including a very heavy old desk and an insanely heavy queensized bed....I THOUGHT it would be clever just to take the bed apart piece by piece...and yes, that did help....instead of one giant heaviness it was three separate heaviness'...yes, that was clever, Abigail...veeeeery clever. Of course, I didnt realize how BAD it was until I had the boxspring leaning up against the door....and my mattress leaning up against the windows...and the frame in pieces on the floor...yes....I thought, "wow, if Evil Neighbor falls asleep with a ciggie right now and we all go up in flames, I am going to DIE trapped in this ROOM!"

i think it was that thought helped me push through the pain.

And, room is all cutsie again...just in a different order of cutsie.

But, you back is totally in pain right now. I think my independent " I can totally do this alone" thing was a complete shame and I am going to pay for it for a few days. bummer.

Yes, I am really a very girlie girl....I dig pink, I listen to love songs and sing along ...and SOME of you know ( via a deleted post) ..that I swoon at girlie movies... I embrace this about myself..and I WOULD pant my toenails red to honor this moment, except I can't reach my toes at the moment without pain.

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