March 29, 2006

To Continue...

So, I feel like there has been a very constant theme going through my life of late, a lesson of sorts...I've shared it in various forms...and probably not very well...but things like this post and this one both express my feeling that this particular challenge is, in fact, a long that must be taken day by day.

Tonight, I was faced, literally, with a tired runner of the "marathon"...someone who was obviously feeling the effects that this particular trial brings. I was thinking on this, and praying for all those who are running this race... and I read this in my Bible reading:
Oh, God, hasten to deliver me;
Oh Lord, hasten to help!
Hasten to me, O God!
Thou art my help and my deliverer;
O Lord, do not delay ~Ps 70:1,5

Now, if I look at the psalms as very good examples of prayers to pray, then it is quite obvious that the Lord WANTS us to ask for help...and to ask that it be FAST in coming! In thinking about that tonight, it seemed to contradict my initial thoughts about trials often being looong...and therefore that help would be a while in coming.... And then it hit me, why suuuure the battle is looong, and sure the battle is already won ( that's already a comfort)...but there is HELP along the way. The Help does not just come at the END with the Grand Victory. We will not just praise Our Gracious Father at the END when wrongs are permently stomped, and Restoration comes ...No, there will be chances to praise Him all along the way....for His Hand is working even Rest, giving Encouragment, giving Reminders of the Promise of Victory, giving Wisdom...for all those who race onwards.

Yes, tonight, my prayer IS that help would Hasten...That the Lord would truly Sustain all that are battling in prayer for those that they love...for while the Victory may be Long coming...the Help is already here.

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