March 29, 2006

my last will and testiment

I am dying of hunger.
I will surely be dead very soon.
Apparently the life-sustaining qualities of two peanut butter and jam sandwiches, a hand full of "Life" cereal ( no pun intended) and four crackers can NOT get me through the entire day.

And NO, I usually do not LIST the foods that I eat...but since I am about to die I thought I'd make a know, for the grandchildren.


Now, I wont HAVE grandchildren.

This truly a sad moment.
OK, so the list is for YOUR grandchildren.
Print this post out and keep it in a safe place.
maybe make several copies...

Maybe one day it will even become famous, and will be studied in literature classes...critics will rave about my listing capablities.

Its sad I will not live to see such a day, since I will be dead. very very dead.

Dead because I forgot that this is my "hungry week."

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