March 17, 2006

wait, now WHAT comes after pride?

a "fall"
or in this case......a speeding "citation" ( is that what they call it these days?)..

Ok, you need to read this post in your MOST pitiful sad voice, because THAT'S the one I'm using right now:

I kid you not, JUST today I was driving down North St. ( probably the most busy street in little ol' Nac just in case you dont know) and I saw a cop...and I was like, "wow, you know...its pretty cool that I've never gotten a ticket, I wonder if I'll ever get one?! hmmm."

I KID YOU NOT...nary a THREE HOURS LATER I was driving down that very same road ( going the opposite direction) and I got PULLED OVER....

Apparently, along with ( I feel) everyone else going down that street I was speeding...but, I was the lucky one to be pulled over by Officer We-Could-BE-The-Same-Age. In fact, the irony of the situation was so very very strong, and my guilt was so very very apparent ( apparently, since I actually truthfully had NO IDEA I was speeding)...I didnt even try to cry ( oh, but I wanted to) or make an excuse ( my mind was a perfect blank)...instead, I waited calmly while Officer Young-One sat in his cop car for what felt like an hour, praying that it would just ALL END NOW...and THAT I WOULDNT CRY IN HIS FACE.

I then promptly came home to write you about it....

I wish I had some chocolate...or a hug...or a joke...or SOMETHING to make me feel less like an jerk. Because, that's what I feel like...I probably deserved this, but it doesnt make it any better :-(

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