March 29, 2006

what not to wear

My title has nothing to do with just popped into my head ( randomly) as I was trying to think of a title...

What I do want to say is, man, you people are crazy! Seriously I never ever know what is going to make you comment! Which, in a way, is really good...because this way I never, ever CATER to COMMENTS. I just write...and then hope to hope that you'll say something in return...or I HOPE to HOPE that you'll ignore me when you know I'll wake up in the morning and change my mind and wish that I'd never said anything...
Either way...I never know what you people are going to do.

Anyway, today I will write more...and probably none of you will comment, and I'll be equally suprised: and all will be right in the universe.

So, not so very long ago ( 6 days to be exact)...I passed up an opportunity to celebrate yet another milestone. You know, I must stop and say, that I am quite the fan of "anniversaries"...I dont exactly know why that is, but I celebrate tons of "its been six months since I had my very first cream-filled donut and this is how life has changed since that fateful day..." I think it helps me to "get over" the past and "move on" to the present/future...
Annnyway, where was I? oh right, last week's milestone.
Last week, on the 22nd of March I celebrated my ONE YEAR AS THE ASSISTANT OF RADIOLOGISTS EVERYWHERE...MORE SPECIFICALLY THE FOUR RADIOLOGISTS THAT PAY ME...yes, its true...I've been hanging films, answering phones, smoothing egos, scheduling appointments, reading emails, writing blog posts, writing emails, reading celebrity gossip and looking at the clock, all in a dark room for ONE YEAR. I know, I'm shocked too.
In a lot of ways I have learned a lot and become quite comfortable in my little dead-end job. Its quite delightful to find yourself in a place where you basically get to do the thing that you LOVE to do ( write, and keep up with your friends)..while being paid to do something that can be easily done while doing the thing that you LOVE to do. ( wow, good ol' complicated sentence.)
So, yes, its obvious that God knew what He was doing when I randomly got a call from a very stressed out Doctor who had been left in a lurch after firing someone...
But, then, who ever DOUBTED that God knew what He was doing?!
( dont answer that).

Before I go, a little segment I like to call "Litte Known Facts about Today":

-Today is dragging by...its only 10:21...I've eaten my PBJ sandwich and now I'm just hungry for the sake of being very bored.

-I seem to have injured my right thumb...I woke up this morning and it hurt really badly...

-I couldnt be bothered brushing my hair this morning...or even putting the slightest bit of makeup on. Sorry to anyone that has to see me. I know I'm lazy.

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