March 25, 2006

when it hits...

I would say most of the time I feel 18...and it could be hypothesised that the reason for this is because I just cant remember how immature I actually was when I was 18...but...whatever, the point is...most of the time I feel really young and unexperienced, with no clue what to do...or what to say...or how to act.
And it doesnt help when your own mother says you dont look " a day over 14"....thanks mom.

In saying all of that, there are times where there is NO DOUBT in my mind that I am actually 22. For instance, here I am lying in bed thinking very seriously about taking a nap when this train of thought happens:

"Yes, but at some point I really do need to go to the supermarket. We're almost out of toliet paper and we are totally out of milk....I think I have a coupon around somewhere...which store should I go to? Wal-Mart is cheaper, but farther away, and I hate the Saturday crowds...yes, Kroger would be much better, besides it across from Java Jacks and I could get a latte....oooo...but, I must remember to get decaf, its after 2 and I can never sleep when I've had caffine after 2..."

AAAAHAHAHAHA! I am so lame! Is this normal 22 year old behavior? Am I missing a party somewhere?!

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