April 18, 2006

Dwelling place

This was a random thought I had yesterday, and I thought I'd entertain it here for tonight's post...

I was given a book of quotes, words of wisdom and delightful letters from many of the wonderful women in my life, when I left University...it has been added to over the years and it is one of my MOST favorite possessions...one of the quotes that was written in it has become really instrumental in how I LIVE and by live I mean WHERE I live...not just HOW I live...and I remembered it last night.

the quote:
" Oh Lord beloved, my times are in Thy hand; my very minutes wait on Thy command.
In this still room, O Blessed Master, walk, and with my spirit talk." ~ Amy Carmichael

I actually had it written out and plastered on my room(s) that I lived in during Uni...and it has been my basic desire for the DWELLING places that I lived ever since I moved from my parents home and effectively made a "home" for myself. My desire was that wherever I lived would be a place condusive of this kind of living...that this quote would sort of seap from the walls, that while the prayer might not be on my LIPS all the time, it would be in the AIR all the time...

I was talking to my Papa on Monday about his sermon that he preached on Sunday, he had talked a little bit about the verse ,Luke 19:40 "I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.".
Papa made the comment that he felt that this went so far as to mean that even lifeless objects like the stones, or the walls of our homes can declare testimony of our lives...that if fail to live Well, then even these things can stand and declare the Truth...its an interesting thought, and I dare say i havent done it justice here...

But, it made me think about my walls...especially the walls of my room...which is where I spend most of my alone time. They have seen me cry the hardest...they have seen me daydream the longest.....they have seen me pray the most...they have seen me write things that werent meant to be read..... they have seen me dance horribly to embarrassing music....basically nothing has been hidden from the walls of this room. I suppose the question that I was reminded of this week...and is one that I think we all need "plastered" on the walls of our life as a constant reminder, is are the Walls of my life a place where my Master is ALWAYS welcome? Is my spirit one that is easy to talk to? Are my Times truly in His hand? Have they been completely given over to Him? Is this "room" one where my Master would come and Walk?

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