April 19, 2006

mentally unbalanced?

remember how earlier this week how my mind was a vertual blank? well, it seems I'm making up for it now...and I couldnt sleep last night for all the random thoughts that kept popping into my head...like....you know, really mindblowing, world changing type stuff like:

"I wonder if my blog is "balanced enough" when it comes to my readership's male/female ratio? Am I reaching a broad enough audience?"

So, because, unfortunately my sitecounter isnt run by the CIA or any other American Governmental Dept. and therefore I cannot violate any personal boundries and find out the sex of all my readers...soooo...I did the next best thing:
I counted all the comments I've had since the beginning of the month ( about 78)...I then subtracted the comments that *I* had made on my own blog ( they dont count)...which left me with exactly 70 comments...and THEN...I counted the boys and the girls...and you would not BELIEVE the results! they are SHOCKING!!!!


35:35...even *I* can do THAT math! How wonderful perfectly divided! half and half!

Now...suuuure, this isnt exact science and it could be argued that I have a whole bunch of closet girl readers....or boys...who really knows? But, I feel much better and I'm glad I'm interesting to everyone equally...a least as far as commenting goes...

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