April 04, 2006


I just had the perfect evening:

Anna and I went and worked out, which went by crazy pills fast because we had FOUR DAYS of our lives to catch each other up on which, of course, took longer than the amount of time it takes for us to work up a good sweat and keep it there for a while. fantastic. I went and had dinner with my parents in their BRAND NEW HOUSE. We had salad and cheese and summer sausage and zinfandel. fantastic. Papa told my mom and I about his April Fool's day gardening column in the Newspaper and how people reacted...it was hilarious. fantastic. I sat with my parents on their balcony and watched people sloooowly drive by their house. fantastic. There was the perfect song on the radio while I was driving home. fantastic. And the weather was so perfect this evening. fantastic. I came home and realized how totally happy I am to be home. fantastic.

It almost makes up for the fact that my blog readership has dropped 25% in four days, and no ones commenting...

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