April 04, 2006

what you missed...part uno

So, I've got several pics from my little stint in Oklahoma ( cue music) this weekend...so I'll save any possible "play-by-plays" for when I can post those ( aka. when I'm at home, and I have time)...
However, whenever I dont blog for four days, I feel like you the reader miss out on things..NOT ONLY do you miss out on what I'm actually doing instead of blogging...but you ALSO miss out on any number of opinions and inputs that I might have about general cultural events. I was catching up on my blog readings from the past four days ( it seriously took over an hour to just SCAN all the updated blogs..meh) and I realized that my poor readers missed out on ME giving my thoughts on the following:

April Fool's Jokes: Oh, how I use to love making up something outlandish and trying to sell it to my readers as fact! Of course, as the years have gone on, its been harder to do...in fact, I'm pretty sure my first year of blogging was the only year that it actually worked ( my famous story of falling in love with some guy that I literally ran into on the street...aaaahahah! SUCKERS ). Since then, I dare say you've all stopped believing me when I lie...so I've decided to play a prank on you, my readers, sometime soon...obviously, by giving you a fair warning, it makes it THAT MUCH harder for me to try and trick you...so GET READY! Put your cynical hats on...and try to pick out my LIE, feel free to comment when you feel like you've caught me...of course, I'll tell you not too long after so you'll know and can move on with your lives. ;-)

Daylight Savings: All I have to say about this is: "UGGG."
I stayed up crazy late last night for two reasons, I was in the midst of copying my blog from the month of March onto my backup harddrive and I didnt want to stop in the middle.
And, I wasnt tired at all.
But, let me just tell you when I WAS tired...this morning. When it felt like 3am...now, here's the thing, even though its only an ONE HOUR difference..why does it FEEL so much worse than that?! This is one of those horrible unexplainable things...

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