April 20, 2006

Latte lovin

So, today Katie and I went to Java Jacks...which, I just realized hasnt happened since we moved in together...which is weird...we use to go there all the time, but now we just make coffee at home, and here...conversation is free
! But, anyway, I went behind the counter so that one of the guys could show me how to "foam milk properly"...it was very helpful, since a few weeks ago my father gave me his old coffee foamer-thingy...and Katie and I googled instructions on how to use it. Unfortunately the instructions were long, and I really didnt have the patience for it, so you can imagine the results of my first frothing action. Today's lesson was a lot more helpful and I then had the priviledge of listening to the guy who was giving me my lesson talk, about his totally awesome frothing skillz for, like, 15 minutes...I pretended like I was really impressed. I figured it was the LEAST I could do for him letting me come behind the Jave Jacks counter....

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