April 06, 2006


So, I have to admit, it made me happy to see how many of you BELIEVED my last post. And I apologize to people like my sister who TOTALLY fell for it...and who didnt speak to me for a good three seconds when she found out it was a joke. *ahem*
Annnnyway, I promise you can believe everything I write from now until next April when I will probably take advantage of your goodwill again...and try my hand at fiction.

Now, besides kind of delighting in pulling your leg, I actually had a much better and more aboveboard reason for doing a "fiction" post...it actually takes quite a bit of...something...to be able to take an event that didnt happen-and then write it as though it happened in a way that is BELIEVABLE. Obviously, it is much much easier for me to do it with a "writers voice" that I am very very aquanted with ( my own)...but, in most cases its difficult to, say, write a conversation out in a a way that sounds believable...to write an account of something that sounds as though it could happen....it takes practice to make that come across uncontrived. And well, I have to start small...as in, here, with you...on my blog. Hahaha!

I will be writing more today, because well, I couldnt sleep last night..it was awful because I was INSANELY tired...and I KNEW I was going to have to get up at the CRACK of DAWN to come to work...but no matter how much I tried to make my mind stop, it wouldnt...it kept writing blog post after blog post...it kept thinking of new people I needed to pray for...it kept adding things to my to-do list...it kept worrying about stupid things like..the future. Anyway, the point is- I only got a few hours of sleep and we ALL know what that does to me-it takes away that little buffer between "thinking" and "writing/speaking". Which...well...that can be really bad...or really good depending on my state of being.

We are going to cross our fingers and hope for the later ;-)

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