April 05, 2006


So, I was sitting here at my desk at work, minding my own business ( checking my lack of emails for the twenty-odd time) and I hear this SHRIEK from outside the door...it seemed that someone had passed out in the hall while waiting for a patient to get finished with a CT scan ( often family members will sit outside my door). Of course, normally when such things happen there are, like, IMMEDIATELY people around to you know do all those "medically" things that medical people do...but there was NO. ONE.
I mean, what the heck, thinking back on it...it was crazy pills!

So, I do what any ex-lifeguard does...i get out there, and see this little girl ( the one who shrieked) standing over an older women... and I immediately start checking the body for any signs of bleeding or something ( honestly I didnt know WHAT I was doing!) and then I checked the ladies pulse...And SERIOUSLY?! What did I think I was going to do next?! Right, I mean, did I really think *I* was going to give her Mouth-to-mouth?!(that's what comes next on the Life Guard list of things you do.)

Luckily at this point one of the CT techs had come out into the hall and people started appearing out of no where...and I could fad back into my little dark-hole of an office..where I sat in my chair shaking like a little leaf until the phone rang and I answered it in my normal "Reading Room, this is Abbey!" voice....Once again the thought comes to mind, "why do I work in a hospital?!"
meh. edit Of course, this post is totally and completely fiction...but it COULD happen, right? ;-)

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