April 26, 2006

Poll Results: With Commentary

Well, kids for some reason ( who knows why) people answered the poll quickly and so we now have our results:

18% of my readers are NOT for the United States ( where I live) or from New Zealand ( where I once lived): It doesnt suprise me that I have readers that fall into this category, because many friends that I've made over the years were not BORN in new zealand, or the US, but moved there for various reasons...the suprising fact ( to me ) was that of those many friends only FOUR read my blog.

18% of my readers are Kiwis ( New Zealanders): I remember, while still living in NZ, trying to guess how, if at all, my readership would change once I moved..at the time my US readership BY FAR out weighed any other, but I assumed it was because I wasnt THERE...and my life was INTERESTING ( since I lived in a "foreign" country) I assumed that US readers would loose interest once I returned to the states..I also hypothosized that those that missed me the most would read my blog and therefore my NZ readership might grow just a little when I left...but, it SEEMS that my NZ readership did NOT grow after I left, if anything it got smaller...

64% of my readers are Americans
: Wooo. I guess in a way I am happy that even though my life isnt "different" or "cool" because I dont live anywhere exciting and exotic anymore...I obviously sucked you in, and now you cant stop reading..good for you! Good for me!

So, last night when I went to bed I was thinking about how I should really type up the poll results today, and I realized how PERFECT it actually was for it brings up some interesting, kinda-life-affirming events that happened to me this last weekend...I actually wrote a blog about it, but then, thinking better of it I deleted the post....buuut, I've had a chance to think it all through and I feel like I can blog about it now.

I was having those totally odd evenings where you find yourself "putting things in their place" in the form of a prayer time ( you know, all the stuff you've been sorting out in your head all week...you finally sort through them picking out the Good and keeping it, and picking out the Bad and throwing it out.) Annnyway, said prayer time turned into me praying about the things that were important to me, thinking about the things that God has called me to do right now etc. etc.

Anyway, later in the evening, I just had this urge to call Carmi, and as I was dialing her number I remembered that the Boys ( once of Royal Tce. fame) were visiting her this weekend, so I figured she wouldnt be home...however, she WAS and the boys hadnt arrived yet, so we talked for a few minutes and the boys apparently drove up as we were talking...then, transpired possibly three of the most ackward conversations ever ( granted one was far less ackward than the others). And, I also realize it was definitely MORE ackward on MY end because I'm sitting, alone on my bedroom floor at 11pm on friday night and THEY are a bunch of friends hanging out together on a late Saturday afternoon...but, as an expert of conversation rating ( I can rate ALL social exchanges actually...its a gift, ask my sister) I would give that particular phonecall a negative 3 on a 1 to 10 scale.

I tell you that, because I am actually really GRATEFUL for those conversations, because it led to a stream of thought that I'd sort of left to get dusty for quite sometime now: my relationship with New Zealand and the life I lived there....For a good year I've wrestled with this particular part of my life and how it fits into my life now....
Anyway, so I was getting ready for bed soon after the ackwardness and I was washing my face and all of a sudden I had a very simple voice in my head say,
"You are never moving back to New Zealand."

I tell you, it was SO clear, and SO simple that I stopped in the middle of the face washing and stood straight up ( getting soap in my eyes in the process.) after the shock of hearing something so clearly ( and so random), I thought about the statement, and I realized that I was really perfectly happy with it!

Oh suuuure, all of you are like, "Duh! Abigail, this has taken far too long for you to figure out!"

And, I guess it has, but then at the same time...I think I've known this for a lot longer than I realized, I just hadnt had it so simply stated in my head.

I guess my poll results also prove this fact, for my readership reflects my life choices, I will ALWAYS have a little piece of NZ in my heart, it played a huge influential roll in who I am today, and more importantly the friendships that I made there...some of them will stay with me forever and some have already drifted away...but they've all made their mark.

The end result? The WORLD is my oyster...and I am glad that I have such lovely readers ( no matter what your nationality) to share it with! :-)

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