April 08, 2006

possibly a brain tumor

I have a mega headache right behind my left eye...it hurts...and I wanted to follow that verse about taking out your eyes rather than let them bring you to sin or something like that ( the Abigail Version) ...of course, i wasnt really sinning with my eyes at the time....I just figured no better time to poke them out then when I they HURT LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS.


So, anyway, its Saturday...woo woo! since I had to work today it was actually like any normal day-so I went to Java Jacks and got a Vanilla Latte in honor of "the weekend."

This morning I woke up to, like, the best email ever...from my favorite Nurse in Australia....seriously I've missed her SO MUCH! And she finally emailed me! Yay! Plus, my last post on my blog made her cry...which, well, I'm not HAPPY about...I'm just HAPPY she reads my blog ;-)

In other news, I'm going to Thomas and Katie's for lunch here in a mo...
I dont think I actually remember how to get their house...buuut, I figure if I just start driving in the general direction I'll figure it out-or call them one or the other ;-)

In other, other news it got cooler outside...which is kinda good...its annoying when you have to start leaving the air conditioner on all the time...it makes you dread your electric bill :-(

Have you noticed how many smiley faces I've used in this blog? that's kinda odd...and annoying...i'm actually not the hugest fan of the "smiley face" in actual blog posts...while using them in comments and text messages is totally fine. I wonder why? I guess because when I use them in a blog post I am using them INSEAD of saying something clever to portray the same emotion...while with comments I am trying to keep my words to a minimum anyway...

So, because I was bored at work...and we all know how much I love Wikipedia.com....I looked up where Brett is at the moment...also known as Ranger School...and ummmm....yeah, I dont think I realized how HARDCORE it was...I mean, call me a girl...but 19.4 hours of work a DAY? two or less meals a DAY?! meeeeh...I would have cried and gone home a LONG time ago with just THAT much less any physical hardcoreness....so yes, I feel that I must up my prayer quota for Brett...and feel free to join me on this one...you can check his blog out for HIS personal prayer requests..

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