April 07, 2006

The beginning.

She sat cross-legged on the floor, nursing a cup of coffee. The world outside her room was full of activity, full of noise -people going places fast, laughter, babies crying, car horns, radios up too loud...
Yet, there she sat perfectly still, perfectly silent- starring at her computer screen.
Starring at five word documents.
And without looking she knew what each one of them held. A beginning.
Beginnings to five diffent stories. Five diffent scenerios. Five different heros.
Five beginnings.

For it seemed that everyday the girl with the cup of coffee had a new story, a new dream...a new best seller.
Yet, she never seemed to get past the introduction.
No one would ever get past that first impression, that first discription of the main character, no one would learn to love her...cry for her, wish the best for her, laugh when she does something laughable, yell ( on the inside) when she does something totally human. No one would ever get to the point of caring...
No, it would never get that far, it would stop on the first page. It would just be a good opening sentence that seemed to promise goodness to come, a perfect paragraph that hinted at depth to come...and yet in truth she knew it would never come....for she would never be able to write it.

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