April 06, 2006

things that make my day better...

good, nerdy English jokes.

Some back ground you'll need to know...Often when radiologists dictate cases they actually SAY the punctuation ( oh, and by the way...I realize that in NZ you say "full stop" instead of "period"...so just remember that little difference when reading this and remember that I live in the USA):
Example of a Doctors dictation:
"...Heart size and pulmonary vascularity are normal period"

I hear this kind of talk allll daaaaay looooong. But, its even worse for the doctors who actually SPEAK like this allll daaaay long.
This can lead to things like this happening:

Dr X: "Abbey, I need Dr.P on the phone period.
Ooops, I mean, PLEASE!"

Abbey: "Hahaha! Don't you mean, I need Dr. P exclaimation mark?"

Dr. X: "Hahaha! yes!"

Abbey:" Ok, comma I'll get her on the phone for you period."

Dr. X: "Hahaha Thank you exclaimation mark"

See? Punctuation jokes ALWAYS make me laugh!

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