April 07, 2006

I think its the cookies...

So, the other night...around 9PM I realized that we were out of EVERYTHING...and by everything I mean milk and bread...and other necessities like chocolate.
So, I put on some flipflops and got in the car and went the supermarket. Believe me, I was ANNOYED to be out of my comfy home at that kind of hour...I was tired....I was ready for bed....but there was no other way. I was working ALL DAY the next day and without milk there would be no coffee...without bread there would be no sandwich...so ultimately I had to go.

So, the only thing you can really do to make such a situation better is: Buy yourself the WORST-FOR-YOU cookies you can FIND in the bakery.

We are talking sugar, food coloring and LARD. Thats about it. But maaaaan are they good. I had two of them for breakfast yesterday, and I had, like, FIVE today ( breakfast and then lunch)...I realize that it is HORRIBLY BAD for me...and I seriously will get SUPER FAT....and SUPER UNHEALTHY.
But do you see me caring?
Because I really had a good day at work yesterday, nothing seemed to bother me...and today...today is going pretty well too.

So, *I* think its the cookies...dont you?

Yeah, I'll start caring about my girlish figure when all the cookies are gone...how's THAT?

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